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MotivatedMinds is a unique consulting firm that specializes in executive and team performance. To achieve dramatic and sustainable results, we work with executives and teams to build strengths, identify growth opportunities, and remove barriers to success. The result is high engagement, overall fulfillment, and better business performance.

What makes us different?

We stay ahead of the curve through continuous learning. Our seasoned consultants are certified in leading-edge tools and processes used by world-class organizations to stay at the top of their game.

Services incorporate ground breaking methods drawn from Change Management, Emotional Intelligence, Organizational & Relationship Systems, and Positive Psychology. We infuse executives and teams with greater awareness and increased competence to equip them for expansive growth and sustainability. Our ‘sweet spot’ is emerging leaders who want to create a personal brand and teams facing challenge or change.

About You

What issues are you facing? What opportunities do you want to capture? Are you being who you want to be? Is your work experience satisfying and fulfilling? Here are some solutions that might resonate.

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Bringing out the best in executives and teams for top performance
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Managing across generations to leverage strengths
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How to Innovate in Turbulent Times – A Proven Process

  • Are you losing sleep worrying about how long your staff can hold up under the stress of one change after another?
  • Are you faced with agonizing choices if/when the next round of budget cuts requires you to reduce essential services and lay off critical staff, potentially jeopardizing your long-term viability?
  • Is your organization caught in a downward spiral—the harder you try to stay ahead of the change curve, the harder it becomes just to keep up?

MotivatedMinds helps organizations like yours thrive in times of turbulent change! Our customized Appreciative Inquiry workshops will help you navigate through the challenges to discover exciting new opportunities that emerge during chaotic times. Access resources you haven’t tapped before to uncover innovative ideas that give you an edge.

  • Develop collaborative partnerships
  • Serve clients in unique, nontraditional ways
  • Enhance or create new programs

Capitalizing on these new opportunities can make the difference in whether your organization merely survives or thrives.

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Move Up the Corporate Ladder with Brilliance, Confidence, and Ease

  • Are you puzzled by tense interactions with some people, when the same strategies work well with others?
  • Do mundane tasks rob your energy, and get in the way of focusing on what you do best?
  • Does your inner dialogue have negative undertones, causing a lack of focus and uncertainty?
  • Do you want to polish your skills for the next promotion, yet don’t know where to begin?
  • Are your emotional responses hampering your success and causing frustration and disappointment?

MotivatedMinds helps executives like you achieve greater levels of success and fulfillment in your career and in your life. Our unique coaching program, The Genius Inside, will help you to communicate with clarity, confidence and authenticity to people at all levels.

  • Enhance relationships inside and outside of work
  • Spend more time doing what you do best
  • Sustain high levels of confidence and performance without selling out
  • Manage your emotional responses more effectively
  • Redirect energy from worry to action.

Refine your inner game, leverage your top strengths, and expand your comfort zone to create a career and life that you really want.

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Little Known Ways to Get Your Team on Track – Fast!

  • Are you concerned about getting the team to gel quickly?
  • Do you worry about people going in different directions?
  • Does the ‘ghost’ of the previous leader inhabit your meetings?
  • Have you noticed ready agreement when you need innovative thinking?
  • Can you feel tension between team members and wonder what it’s about?

MotivatedMinds helps leaders like you generate high levels of engagement and buy-in on their teams. Using a ground-breaking team coaching process, we’ll help you create clarity and alignment, gain respect and appreciation for what you bring to the table, elicit innovative ideas, and eliminate tension caused by past problems. Lay a solid foundation for powerful relationships and top results using practical skills and tools with a proven track record.

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Eliminate Roadblocks to Team Performance Once and For All

  • Are ideas stifled because some team members can’t get heard?
  • Does resistance gets in the way of trying new approaches?
  • Do unmet expectations and misunderstandings cause frustration and hurt feelings?
  • Are important views withheld to avoid rocking the boat?
  • Do emotions flare during decision making and task allocation?
  • Is disagreement discouraged squashing opportunities for innovation?
  • Does unclear communication lead to duplication of effort?
  • Does finger-pointing and criticism show up when things don’t go well?
  • Does everyone get along famously and still miss deadlines?

MotivatedMinds helps teams like yours optimize the relationships between team members to positively impact results. Using a proven model of productivity and positivity, we’ll help you to uncover and analyze areas of opportunity for your team, clarify roles and responsibilities, create the space for various perspectives, and design sustainable high performance strategies. Equip your team with practical skills and tools that generate positive engagement and neutralize negativity, creating the ideal balance between relationship and results.

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Here is an Approach that is Helping Companies Double Sales Revenue

  • Do you lose sleep wondering how to expand the sales potential of your team?
  • Are you under pressure to increase sales results – fast?
  • Are you frustrated by a dismal return on sales activity?
  • Do you worry about retaining top performers?
  • Are you struggling with ramping up new hires quickly?

MotivatedMinds helps sales teams like yours apply a proven sales process for repeatable success. We’ll help your sales professionals

  • define and leverage their innate strengths to work smarter instead of harder
  • reconnect to their passion for selling
  • articulate a powerful value positioning statement that secures more meetings
  • build strong relationships that generate referrals
  • transform limiting beliefs into ‘can-do’ certainty
  • deliver value with every customer interaction
  • use strategic tools that shorten the sales cycle, and
  • create more touch points within customer organizations.

Give your sales performers what they need to sell with power and passion to outperform the competition.

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