The Genius Inside Coaching Program

Ideal for executives or managers facing challenge or change and other employees gearing up for advancement, The Genius Inside is a unique coaching program designed to discover, perfect and leverage the power of your Genius Inside – a distinct set of qualities, values and strengths that exemplify your personal brand.

Typical candidates:

  • Executives who want to sustain high levels of confidence and performance
  • Managers who are moving into leadership roles
  • Executives or managers who want to overcome obstacles to their success
  • Employees who want growth and development for career advancement

Flexible formats accommodate your preference, learning style, and budget.

Face-to-face coaching
Telephone coaching
Self-directed with audio MP3
Senior leaders and executives
Executives and managers
Mid and junior level employees

All formats are accompanied by a professionally designed workbook containing exercises and assessments as well as a place to track your progress.

The ‘in person’ coaching format is typically selected by senior executives. We can meet at your offices or in a convenient downtown location provided by us to eliminate the normal workplace distractions.

Managers and executives who are mobile or travel frequently appreciate the flexibility of our phone coaching services. We incorporate ground-breaking video phone technology that is in real time, without delays – where the lips and words actually match. The video phone can travel with you – all you need is an electrical outlet and internet connection. The video phone and 6 months of digital-video service is included in the program fees.

The self-directed format is often the choice of younger employees who prefer learning and development on their own terms. You can download the MP3s to your iPod or simply ‘click and listen’ from your computer. This format is also popular with mid to junior level employees and clerical staff who are keen to polish their skills for personal satisfaction or career advancement.


This program helped me refine my ‘Inner Game’ which gave me clarity, focus and higher levels of confidence. Proper coordination of my talents allowed me to take some big leaps — I now have an incredible job where my strengths are highly valued and provides a passionate life that I’m energized about every day.

— L.T.; Managing Director, Real Estate Investment Services

The Genius Inside has really helped me to identify and embrace my strengths and abilities. Coupled with coaching, it has helped me to re-define myself both professionally and personally. I have a renewed self-confidence and I am finally feeling fulfilled and excited about my professional future!

— L.P.; Healthcare Economics and Policy

The Genius Inside, in conjunction with targeted and focused coaching, brought incredible enhanced self-awareness. Its impact went far beyond my work — the initial reason I went for coaching — but also to my life. I have a new sense of purpose of how I will lead my life from this point onward. The journey has just begun — stimulated and provoked by this program.

— S. L., Vice President, H.R. & Organizational Effectiveness, Real Estate Services

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