The Sales Intelligence Program


Sales success takes way more than product knowledge or a structured sales interaction – although both are essential. It extends beyond questioning and active listening, yet you definitely need expertise with these skills. You must also be a master at managing objections, but even that won’t even give you an edge. Winning in today’s business environment requires Sales Intelligence.

Sales Intelligence is Power

Sales Intelligence is the consistent application of practical, actionable tools that generate outstanding sales results, working smarter instead of harder using your personal path of least resistance. Developed from simplified concepts drawn from Cognitive, Emotional, Social and Instinctive Intelligence, these tools equip sales professionals to operate their business strategically, with authenticity, passion and power.

The Sales Intelligence Program

The Sales Intelligence Program is a unique approach for developing masterful sales professionals who love what they do and excel at doing it. It delivers a robust consultative approach, an advanced formula for leveraging natural selling strengths, followed by an elite mastery learning experience. 3 program levels and a modular format allow for reinforcement of any sales process and seamless customization. The 1st generation of this program doubled the revenue of a global sales force selling services.

This one-of-a-kind program

  • incorporates Universal Laws of Sales Success that maximize potential.
  • surfaces the passion and pride of being a sales professional.
  • transforms limiting beliefs into ‘can-do’ certainty.
  • teaches foundational selling skills, behaviour, and process to ensure repeatable results.
  • unleashes the power of natural strengths that lead to authenticity and sustainability.
  • creates the intimate setting and experience that top producers want to maintain momentum and expand their sphere of influence.
  • transfers-to-habit powerful behaviours reinforced through coaching.

How it works

Although there are 3 levels to the program, it is not mandatory to participate in each one. However, you must complete level 2 to be eligible for level 3. We consult with you to determine which level is suitable for your sales professionals, or develop a customized solution to give you precisely what you need.

Level 1: Foundations of Sales Intelligence

Level 1 sets the stage for building a successful sales career. We begin with a fast, online assessment that measures each salesperson’s level of optimism so we know what mindset we’re dealing with. In a 2-day workshop we

  • examine motivators and apply Universal Laws of Sales Success that begin to shift limiting beliefs.
  • share an easy-to-understand operating model o highlight the ability to choose a desired impact.
  • introduce skills and structure after removing some typical obstacles.

After the workshop, 4 coaching sessions over a 2-3 month time frame support the transfer of skills, attitudes and behaviours to habit.

Level 2: Natural Sales Intelligence

In level 2 we either reinforce what was taught in level 1, or any sales process your team has learned. Before the workshop participants complete 2 assessments that identify instinctive and emotional strengths. During a 2-day workshop we

  • illustrate the validity of the strength-based assessments.
  • customize the sales structure and process to align it with individual strengths.
  • build strategic capabilities to embed powerful habits and decision making.

The take-a-way is an individualized Sales Intelligence Roadmap that pulls everything together, all in one convenient place. 8 coaching sessions help participants incorporate powerful new approaches and tools into their day-to-day activities.

Level 3: Sales Intelligence Mastery

This level is for the sales assets you want to invest in. We recommend participant selection based on outstanding achievement. While level 2 looks at instinctive and emotional strengths, in level 3 we broaden the perspective with a 360 profile and a taped meeting simulation with professional actors. Working with a certified coach, the 360 is debriefed and a personal vision is created.

The format of this level evolves to a community of practice for sales leaders with proven track records to share best practices and create thought leadership. This 12-month program includes

  • 3 face-to-face consultations to review the meeting simulation, debrief the 360 profile, and create a personal vision.
  • 4 quarterly dinner meetings in an intimate environment with amazing food and top notch speakers creating a community where sales leaders exchange ideas, contacts, and opportunities.
  • 11 months of mastery coaching to strengthen competencies, reframe reactive tendencies, and achieve the milestones set in a personal vision supports each sales executive in his or her quest for self-actualization.

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