Team Synergy Workshop

Ideal for providing a team with a high level group debrief of the Kolbe A Index and practical solutions to achieve team synergy, this intensive one-day workshop delivers

  • an overview of key Kolbe concepts,
  • an overview of key Kolbe concepts,
  • predictions of potential sources of conflict on the team,
  • a diagnosis of team productivity and communication challenges, and
  • solutions for task and energy management.

Appreciative team and group activities generate positive energy and engagement. A Team Synergy algorithm defines and quantifies the team’s mix of instinctive energy and predicts the way the team naturally operates. This offers a fresh perspective on perceived ‘style clashes’ and equips the team to avoid future misunderstandings.

A powerful small group exercise illustrates the validity of this one-of-a-kind instrument. Participants of our Team Synergy Workshops are consistently astounded by the accuracy of our predictions about how each individual will approach the exercise and the impact on group behaviour.

Participants learn how each team member most effectively manages time and their ideal method of communication. The team designs adapting strategies to leverage differences to enhance job satisfaction and business results.

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