Team Performance

A team is a dynamic system of interrelationships between a group of people, linked to a common purpose. Teams exist to produce results. The nature and measure of results vary from team to team, yet ultimately all teams are evaluated on their ability to produce results over time. Although there are times when a team must stay focused on the task, deadline and deliverables, the intensity of that focus is not sustainable. Burnout is predictable and eventually leads to disappointing results.

Regardless of our differences, human beings share a basic need for affiliation. We want to belong to a group and make emotional connections. In a recent survey, over half cited relationship-oriented behaviours as the most treasured team member traits.

MotivatedMinds can help your team manage the delicate balance between relationship and results. We’ll help your team operate synergistically, generating high levels of productivity and positivity. We work with teams who want to:

  • Expand leadership capacity and impact
  • Accelerate relationship and results
  • Engage in open and candid dialogue
  • Develop powerful terms of engagement
  • Build on collective strengths
  • Maximize team dynamics
  • Create a common vision and values

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Team Diagnostic™ Assessment

The Team Diagnostic Assessment provides a benchmark and solid structure for ongoing team development. Supported by a powerful team coaching process, the assessment and coaching model are drawn from the most recent thinking in Systems Theory, Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, team research from top universities, and leading authorities in the field of team development.

The innovative team questionnaire, developed specifically for teams, establishes a “footprint” of the team – a mirror image of what the team has created. Measuring 14 different productivity and positivity strengths, the focus is on the interrelationships between team members, the spirit or tone of the team as a system, and their impact on producing results.

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Team Coaching

Team coaching is a dynamic process that helps teams strengthen and sustain performance by equipping them with practical skills and tools to generate positive engagement and neutralize negativity. Ideal for leaders stepping into a new role or for grounding a team moving in a new strategic direction, team coaching aligns people and plans to accelerate results.

Coaching the system of the team creates a unique perspective that enables insight and growth. The process of determining what the team needs to excel, rather than focusing on individual needs and desires leads to higher levels of communication and new possibilities.

Typical process

At the outset of the process, each member completes a Team Diagnostic, a next generation team assessment that delivers a comprehensive profile of the team’s current reality from the inside out.

After the assessment, the team participates in a 1 or 2 day debrief that offers powerful insight and awareness of existing team strengths and challenges. Working through a series of exercises, team members deepen their connections and design actions for moving forward together. They learn the team coaching model, which is at the heart of the team coaching program.

To evaluate progress, reinforce positive change, and deal with challenges, team coaching sessions occur at 30, 60, 90, and 120 days. The result is an engaged, highly functioning team poised for growth and top performance.

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Kolbe™ Team Synergy Assessment

The Kolbe System can be used to analyze existing as well as potential teams based on individual Kolbe Index results, giving managers and senior leaders the capability to predict and manage team performance. The Kolbe Team Synergy Assessment

  • Outlines an inventory of individual team member talents
  • Provides a team synergy report
  • Pinpoints sources of conflict
  • Offers prescriptive solutions

The assessment is followed by consulting to implement recommendations or a Team Synergy Workshop to provide the team with the tools to do it on their own.

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Kolbe™ Team Synergy Workshop

Ideal for providing a team with a high level Kolbe debrief and practical solutions to achieve team synergy, this intensive one-day workshop includes

  • An overview of key concepts
  • Lighthearted activities that validate the accuracy of Index results
  • Predictions of potential sources of conflict
  • A diagnosis of team productivity and communication challenges
  • Solutions for task and energy management

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Appreciative Team Building

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a strength-based process used to generate positive, sustainable change in organizations, teams, and individuals. Appreciative Team Building is a 1-day workshop that helps teams define their best team experiences and use that as a model for team development. Through dialogue and a series of exercises, teams envision their potential and develop actionable plans to bring that potential into reality.

Participants learn to embrace an appreciative philosophy and gain experience with a process they can use to innovate new solutions to old problems. By focusing on ‘what is working’ instead of the breakdowns, they are able to mobilize the energy to effect positive change.

Each team creates and presents a solution to a pre-defined challenge; the group selects the best presentation in a light-hearted, often humorous, competition. Future sessions bridge the gap between creative ideas and real solutions.

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